Chile and the Bamboo Flower

Here in Chile at the Cinco Rios Lodge, we are almost beside ourselves with excitement. About 8 months ago, one of our guides, who was fishing on the outlet of Lake Elizalde, noticed that the Quila (the local bamboo tree) was blooming. "So what?" you might ask. Well, blooming bamboo is a very big deal wherever bamboo trees are found. First of all, it is rare.

Dependent on the subspecies, bamboo blooms only once every 14 to 120 years (Chile's bamboo blooms once every 14-30 years). "So what?" you might ask.

After blooming, the tree drops huge numbers of seeds as the plant dies. When this takes place, the mouse population explodes in response to the abundance of a new food source. That's the Big Deal. The mouse population is out of control now. We expect this rare event and the fishing it affords will only get better during October, November, December and January 2012.

We'll be using the mouse patterns that we are tying now, and I am sure the trout that you do not see feeding on the surface during the middle of the day will be coming up for the feast. 

Many of you will want to come to see this, since it happens only "once in a blue moon" (actually since the 'blue moon' occurs every 2 or 3 years, bamboo seed drops occur "once in 7 or 8 blue moons").

Please check out the New Zealand version of this 'hatch' and then come experience the Chilean version.


To read more about this phenomena, click on this link