Casting Lessons




“I may not be a good caster, but I still catch fish!”  You probably have heard this line before or could it be you who is saying this?   Although it is possible to catch fish without being a good caster, the fact remains that a better caster will always catch more fish than the one who is not, under the same circumstance.


When we think of good casting, most likely we think of longer distance.  Distance is a major part of a casting, but equally important are accuracy and the ability to present your fly when the obstacles and unfavorable elements exist.


Fly casting has been considered a fine balance of science and the art.  It isn’t something you will attain overnight.  It takes practice, patience, and persistence.  It also requires good coaching.  From developing a solid foundation to learning skills to gain distance, or refining and fine tuning casting strokes, a seasoned, accredited casting instructor can help you along the way.


Our lead instructor, Joe is a FFF Master Casting Instructor and FFF casting Board of Governors.  He is the recipient of the inaugural FFF Mel Krieger teaching award among many honors, and has been teaching fly casting over 20 years.  Our other instructor is Kathy who is also a FFF Certified Casting Instructor and has been teaching fly casting for over 5 years.


We can help you with your casting fundamentals, gain distance, and help you correct casting errors through highly personalized lessons.  Improve your casting now will pay dividends in many years to come and increase your enjoyment in fly fishing.



Private Casting Lesson Rates:


1 person          $150 for 2 hours




2-4 persons    $200 for 2 hours




* We require a minimum of 2 hours for private lessons



Please contact Joe Libeu at (310) 749-6771 or email to schedule your private casting lessons.