Substance and Style -Revisited

 I first saw the terms, substance and style, being applied to fly casting when helping Mel Krieger write his excellent FFF teaching pamphlet, Observations on Teaching Flycasting. Although this pamphlet proved valuable in certification seminars, I never thought the examples given there provided a well-conceived distinction between what is substance and what is style... read more


Hook Review

Recently I was looking for some hooks that would work for Czech nipping and nymphing in general I found the Umpqua C400BL and I have been very happy with their more


Chile and the Bamboo Flower

Here in Chile at the Cinco Rios Lodge, we are almost beside ourselves with excitement. About 8 months ago, one of our guides, who was fishing on the outlet of Lake Elizalde, noticed that the Quila (the local bamboo tree) was blooming. "So what?" you might ask. Well, blooming bamboo is a very big deal wherever bamboo trees are found. First of all, it is rare.... read more