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Hot Creek

East Walker

Owens River Eastern Sierras


Animated Knots - Click on this link to watch a short video on tying knots.

Knots 101 -

Joe libeu demonstrates how to tie some of the basic knots you will need to know as a fly fisherman.

Tying the Greenrock Worm

Joe Libeu, Master Flycasting Instructor and professional flytier, demonstrates the tying of the Green Rockworm fly pattern, which is highly successful on streams from California (such as the Lower Owens River) to Montana.


The Double Uni Knot





Redding, Ca

Truckee, Ca

Weaverville, Ca    


Bozeman, Mt

Ennis, Mt

Green River

Missouri River

Provo River, Ut



Fresh Water Web pages

Fisherman's Spot

The Fly Shop

Kern River Fly Shop

Kiene's Fly Shop

The Trout Shop

Peter Piconi

Saltwater Web pages

Dan Blanton


Gary Bulla

Peter Piconi

Flytying Web Pages

J. Stockard Fly Fishing

(Fly tying materials, Hooks and flies) 

Fish West Online Fly Shop

(All fly fishing needs)

Canadian Llama Company

 (For Beads)


Badger Creek Fly Tying

Mike Hogue is the owner.

Phone #:  607-347-4946

Great source for top quality cdc at reasonable prices.  Mike buys a loads of close out items—rods, reels, tools, pelts, etc—and has them on his website at blowout sorts of prices.


Blue Ribbon Flies:  Craig & Jackie Matthews are the owners.  They have both a printed and online catalog.  One of the best sources for furs, feathers, z-lon,  etc.  I use their deer hair, elk, caribou, etc. for sparkles duns, x caddis, etc.

Phone #: 406-646-7642

Their website has some of the most helpful fly tying videos that I have ever seen. 

If you do not receive their weekly emailed newsletter, I encourage you to access their website and get signed up.


Trout Hunter Fly Tying Materials: 

Bonne & Rene Harrop are the owners.

Phone #: 208-558-9900

They have a complete mail order fly shop.  I use their cdc, goose and turkey biots, cdc puffs, and trying threads for much of my fly tying.


The Fly Shop,

Redding,  California.

Phone #:   800-669-3474

I have never seen a retail outlet or catalog as complete as this source.  They have their own line of hooks, clothing, rods, reels, etc.; as well as all of the other major lines.


Feather-Craft Fly Fishing

Phone #: 800-659-1707

They have an extensive online and printed catalog.  They have frequent 20% off sales and free shipping.  Their inventory is thorough and extensive; and if you buy when they have their sales, you will be pleased with your costs.

Flytying Specialties

Very good supplies for Czech nymphing